Save lives and protect your laboratory investment by extending your evacuation time. Our Asecos safety storage cabinets are constructed with maximum fire resistance for high performance, high-risk lab environments.

In many industrial laboratory settings there is an ubiquitous need for flammable liquids to be used on a daily basis, which must be stored correctly and safely.  Labscape offers special safety storage cabinets that are intended for long-term use and with only the highest quality materials. 

Space Maximizing Design

Since fume hoods and benches are normally deeper than safety storage cabinets, the space behind the cabinets has remained unused until now. The common practice is to install safety storage cabinets with their fronts flush with those of laboratory fume hoods or work benches. We engineer 34" depth cabinets that now utilize the space that conventional hazardous material cabinets have left unused in the past.