Protect yourself and your investment.  When choosing the appropriate storage cabinets for hazardous materials in your lab, quality is key.

At Labscape, we offer the highest quality, most reliable safety storage cabinets available on the market to date.  The interior of our acid cabinets feature hi-tech performance polymer alloy coating to reduce corrosion. These cabinets also come standard with vent kits that exhaust out of your laboratory, guaranteeing maximum ergonomic safety.

Ventilation of Safety Storage Cabinets

In many cases, the air inside the safety storage cabinets needs to be extracted.  When we design our products, we take into consideration the best ventilation possibilities while also factoring in energy efficiency, safety and spacial considerations.  Our cabinets are intelligently designed to minimize pressure drop when needed, depending upon the materials being used and their various chemical properties.

With connection points on the ceiling, our free-standing tall cabinets are designed for an easy, side-by-side configuration.  Under-bench safety storage cabinets fit perfectly under laboratory fume hoods and work benches, and guarantee efficient ergonomic laboratory processes.  They can be perfectly combined with supply and waste disposal systems.  Under-bench cabinets have their connection points at the back for a convenient integration into the fume hood.