Labscape's STEM Mobile Lab Tables


With all the changes going on in education these days, there is one piece we keep hearing about – STEM.  What exactly is STEM and what’s all the buzz about?  STEM is an acronym, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Science – the sun, the moon, the oceans

Technology – computers, smartphones, TV’s

Engineering – roads, bridges, buildings

Mathematics – banking, tax forms, budgeting

As you can see, STEM shows up in all aspects of our everyday lives, which make it so important in educating our younger population.

The Mobile STEM Lab Bench from Labscape is adequately suitable to accommodate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Made of a welded steel frame, the table includes plumbing services, electric and is data capable.  Thanks to its heavy duty casters, the STEM Lab Table can easily be moved to support student participation, as well as its height adjustable options and has an under storage option.

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