Labscape Fume Hoods Sprouting Up in the Cannabis Industry

Walk In Fume Hood
Walk In Fume Hood

  The Journal of the American Medical Association recently released findings after a panel of researchers reviewed a total of 79 trials and found moderate evidence to support the use of marijuana for chronic pain. The journal also released a study last year that found that overdoses from prescription narcotics were reduced in states where medical marijuana was approved. Cannabis cultivation centers are getting the green light for starting up facilities and not only harvesting marijuana, but doing research and development.

Labscape's Walk In Fume Hood was selected for lab testing during a recent project in the cannabis industry. A walk in fume hood allows the user to walk in and set up the equipment before and after. Labscape is an expert in designing high quality, reliable fume hood solutions for laboratories for a myriad of industries.

Product: Walk In Fume Hood

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