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In any laboratory, fume hoods are the driving force behind the proper safety and experimental conditions needed to conduct crucial testing.  In this three part blog series, we will focus on critical aspects to take into consideration prior to your investment of a fume hood.

Perchloric Hood
Perchloric Hood

Perchloric Fume Hoods

Top five things to know:

  1. Size Options: Perchloric hoods are manufactured in standard widths of 48”, 60”, 72” 84” and 96”.  Custom sizes for width and depth are also available upon request.
  2. Interior Liner Options:  Perchloric hoods utilize an integral system where the Type 316 stainless steel liner with and stainless steel counter top are welded together.  Most other bench top fume hoods require a standard polyresin interior liner with a separate epoxy resin counter top.
  3. Interior Wash Down System:  Perchloric hoods require this option in order to maintain a safe working area within the fume hood.
  4. Sash Options:  The vertical sash is most common selection among bench top fume hood products.  The additional options of horizontal and combination sash are more common with walk-in fume hoods.
  5. Storage Cabinet/Support Systems:  Steel base cabinets, acid cabinets, acid-flammable combination cabinets and tubular steel base frames are all common fume hood support options for Perchloric fume hoods.

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