Labscape is back at it for Crane Aerospace & Electronics

Crane Aerospace & Electronics has selected Labscape to provide fume hoods once again. Crane was started in 1855 by Richard Teller Crane whose company vision still remains a constant - “I am resolved to conduct my business in the strictest honesty and fairness; to avoid all deception and trickery; to deal fairly with both customers and competitors; to be liberal and just toward employees; and to put my whole mind upon the business.” With a company vision like that, there is no room for error on Crane's products and services which is why they chose Labscape to provide high quality equipment.

Project: Crane Aerospace & Electronics

Location: Lynnwood, WA

Product: Air Foil Fume Hoods - shop drawing below

Crane Fume Hood
Crane Fume Hood


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