Laboratory Furniture Material and Construction

What type of laboratory furniture material is ideal for your lab?  

There are many different types of labs, and these require different types of furniture. Fortunately, laboratory designers and planners have many different lab furniture materials to choose from, ensuring that the furniture suits the environment.


Metal Laboratory Furniture


Metal laboratory furniture is durable, easy to clean, and resists a wide range of chemicals. Metal lab furniture comes in many different sizes and colors, can be fixed or modular, and suits just about any design aesthetic.


Wood Laboratory Furniture


Wood laboratory furniture is not only durable, it is very easy to customize. It comes in many different types of wood, finishes, and sizes, and can be fixed or modular. Wood lab furniture is low-maintenance, easy to repair, and comes with chemical-resistant finishes.


Plastic Laminate Laboratory Furniture


Ideal for those looking for cost-effective, long-lasting furniture, plastic laminate laboratory furniture is easy to maintain, and comes in an almost endless variety of colors and configurations.


Stainless Steel Laboratory Furniture


Stainless steel laboratory furniture is perfect for spaces that require sterile, hygienic spaces, because of its non-porous surface and easy of cleaning.  Stainless steel lab furniture is also among the most versatile, as it can’t be beat when it comes to resisting heat and chemicals, including corrosive chemicals. Lab furniture made out of stainless steel is some of the most durable available, and is designed to perform in your laboratory for years.


Polypropylene Laboratory Furniture


If you’re looking for strength and durability, polypropylene lab furniture stands up under the most demanding of circumstances. It is ideal for corrosive environments in which metal surfaces are contraindicated. Polypropylene lab furniture is extremely strong, and comes in a variety of configurations.


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