Take Control of Your Fume Hood Laboratory Remodeling Budget

Tips for cost effectively remodeling your fume hood laboratory  

No matter how good your planning and your intentions, it’s easy for a fume hood laboratory remodeling project to go quickly over budget. Here are some tips that will help you remodel your fume hood laboratory without breaking the bank.


  1. Develop a plan, and stick to it. Work with experienced planners and designers to determine exactly what you will need for your fume hood laboratory now and in the future. Then, determine a budget that will help you realize your plans. Once you set your budget, share it with your designer and contractor, and ask them to work within these figures.
  2. Consider long-term expenses. In addition to your immediate expenses, think about long-term expenses and how that will impact your fume hood laboratory remodeling choices. For example, if you’re interested in reducing costs associated with energy usage, it may make sense to spend on fume hoods that use less energy, to realize more sustained cost savings.
  3. Consider the long-term needs of your fume hood laboratory. Plan your laboratory so that it will be able to evolve with minimum expense. For example, one great way to allow for quick, cost-effective remodels in the future is to choose modular casework. Modular casework may look fixed, but it’s designed to be easily moved and reconfigured without major reconstruction.
  4. Repurpose current equipment. While you’ll likely need new equipment and furniture for your remodel, take a careful look at current equipment and salvage what you can. You may find that some of your current furniture can be repurposed to fit into your new design, which will save you money.


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