Fume Hood Classroom Design

Four things to consider when designing your fume hood laboratory classroom or lab  

While there are many factors to consider when setting up your fume hood classroom or laboratory, and some of your needs will be unique, there are some considerations that everyone involved in the planning and designing of a teaching laboratory should think about.


Here are four things to consider when planning and designing your fume hood classroom:


  1. Flexibility. If your fume hood classroom will be used for several sciences, make sure the types of fume hoods and laboratory furniture you choose can easily accommodate. Consider modular furniture and casework, as it enables you to cost effectively remodel your classroom or lab as needs change, without extensive renovations.
  2. Visibility. Easy access to students is critical in a teaching laboratory. The instructor’s area should be placed so that the teacher can see all of the students in the room as they work. A centrally placed demonstration fume hood ensures that students can see the instructor.
  3. Creativity. While there used to be only a few different designs used in teaching laboratories and it was hard to tell one lab from another, modern laboratory designers are embracing a more creative use of space. To see what others are doing and to get ideas, talk to designers, visit other fume hood classrooms, and talk to fume hood classroom planners to find out what’s new.
  4. Experience. When it comes to choosing fume hoods and furniture for your fume hood classroom, work with designers, planners, and organizations that have experience with classroom laboratories. Working with experienced professionals will save you money and time.


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