Coming out of our factory...Air Foil Fume Hoods

Fume hoods are required in any type of laboratory where hazardous materials are being studied or tested. Safety of the user from fumes, dust, debris and contaminants is essential. Not all fume hoods are alike and proper installation and maintenance are key to ventilation. Recently, Labscape manufactured this Air Foil Fume Hood with a Stainless Interior Liner. Notice on the picture below instead of having a square face, there is gentle slope on the bottom front air foil that reduces turbulent air patterns and increases laboratory safety.

Air Foil Fume Hood with Stainless Interior Liner
Air Foil Fume Hood with Stainless Interior Liner

Labscape offers a wide variety of fume hoods which include:

At Labscape, we customize and design your fume hood to your specifications for safety and usability.

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