Modern Science Laboratory Casework Trends

New trends arise in many different industries. In terms of laboratory casework trends, the biggest current trend is the movement from fixed furniture to modular laboratory casework.

Modular laboratory casework is taking over. When it comes to furnishing a new or remodeled laboratory, one of today’s biggest trends is a shift toward modular casework, worktops, tables, and benches. One of the biggest reasons for this shift is the frequency at which laboratory spaces are changing. Not too long ago, laboratories changed their use every couple of decades. Today, the needs of a science lab can change every year, or even more often. Modular laboratory casework enables laboratory designers and planners to be able to quickly and easily reconfigure their laboratories without spending time and money on demolition and reconstruction.

Laboratories are also more automated than they used to be. Machinery and AI are now able to complete the work that humans used to take part in. It’s important that laboratory furniture is able to be easily moved to accommodate the new types of machinery that perform laboratory tasks.

Today’s laboratories often do double-duty, and serve more than one purpose. Modular laboratory furniture enables one laboratory to be used for many purposes. For example, furniture can be quickly and easily rearranged to complement a more collaborative environment, or rearranged depending on the type of class being taught: Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, etc.

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